Corporate Governance Mentor Programme

Corporate Governance, all about commitment, transparency, fairness and ethical business practices has lately become a pre-requisite for attaining growth worldwide. While a majority of stakeholders and market analysts trust the Companies following good Corporate Governance practices, many others are denied true recognition even though they have worthy potential, due to lack in governance initiatives. Without undermining its importance, we must realize that the concept has no boundaries.

Corporate Governance Mentor, aim to bridge gap from “your current positioning” to “your deserved positioning” by implanting effective systems & practices in your Corporate Framework.


Our Offerings

  • Review and Assessment of Company’s Governance initiatives through our exhaustive application ‘Corporate Governance Scorecard’;


  • Defining the CSR Framework comprehending the true importance of societal benefit & its Business Sense;


  • Governance Workshops for defining framework for spiritual adherence of Corporate Governance & its benefit for Business


  • Oversee the functioning of organizations Vision & Mission and defining systems to meet the goal


  • Laying down processes for effective Board Framework and Stakeholders Value Creation;


  • Conducting Survey on Stakeholders Satisfaction;
  • Advisory & Opinions on Legal compliance and reporting structure;
  • Defining Whistleblower Program & Implementation.


  • Group Headed by Dr. Houshang Khastoie, who played a pivotal role in defining the essence of CG Framework;
  • Qualified, Experienced & Research Oriented team to identify loopholes and bridge gaps towards value enhancement;
  • Qualitative, time and cost effective Customized services to suit your need;
  • In-depth knowledge and understanding of top to bottom functioning of an organization.


  • Increased Stakeholders Confidence;
  • Long Term Sustainability of the Organization;
  • Access to Global Pools of Capital;
  • Brand value Enhancement ;
  • Value Addition to Performance & Output;
  • Better Valuation;
  • Recognition as a Good Corporate Citizen;
  • Greater Accountability.