ISO/TC 59 Buildings and civil engineering works

ISO/TC 59 Buildings and civil engineering works

  • Secretariat: SN
    Secretary: Ms Kari Synnøve Borgos
    Chairperson: Mr. Per Jæger until end 2019
    ISO Technical Programme Manager: Dr Anna Caterina Rossi

    ISO Editorial Programme Manager: Ms Katherine Bennett

    Creation date: 1947


    Standardization in the field of buildings and civil engineering works, of:

    • general terminology;
    • organization of information in the processes of design, manufacture and construction;
    • general geometric requirements for buildings, building elements and components including modular coordination and its basic principles, general rules for joints, tolerances and fits, performance and test standards for sealants;
    • general rules for other performance requirements, including functional and user requirements related to service life, sustainability, accessibility and usability;
    • general rules and guidelines for addressing the economic, environmental and social impacts and aspects related to sustainable development;
    • geometric and performance requirements for components that are not in the scope of separate ISO technical committees;
    • procurement processes, methods and procedures.


    • standardization and coordination of technical product documentation (ISO/TC 10);
    • acoustic requirements (ISO / TC 43);
    • bases for design of concrete structures (ISO/TC 71/SC 4);
    • fire tests and fire safety engineering related to building materials, components and structures (ISO/TC 92);
    • bases for design of structures (ISO / TC 98);
    • construction machinery (ISO/TC 127 and ISO/TC 195);
    • performance requirements for glass in buildings (ISO/TC 160);
    • performance requirements for doors, doorsets and windows (ISO/TC 162);
    • calculation of thermal properties (ISO / TC 163);
    • bases for design of timber structures (ISO/TC 165);
    • bases for design of steel and aluminium structures (ISO/TC 167);
    • geotechnical aspects and soil quality (ISO/TC 182 and ISO/TC 190);
    • standardization in the design and retrofit buildings regarding acceptable indoor environment and practicable energy use (ISO/TC 205).
    Total number of published ISO standards related to the TC and its SCs (number includes updates): 114
    Number of published ISO standards under the direct responsibility of ISO/TC 59 (number includes updates): 36
    Participating countries: 30
    Observing countries: 50